Henry Parole Story

From a post today on my authorhendricks fb account:
Tom Henry is now 69 years old. His current parole hearing took place on March 16, 2017.
A DHS social worker recently visited him to do a “risk assessment” interview.
The en banc hearing will be held in Springfield this Thursday, April 27.
In other news, Henry is a great grandpa. His (estranged) daughter’s daughter had a baby.

And a quick parole interview story:
Tom Henry has an enlarged pupil of the right eye. It always looks dilated. It’s from a retinal stroke he suffered many years ago. A few years ago a social worker interviewed him for parole. Some days later, a correctional officer showed up at his cell one evening, “The sergeant downstairs wants to see you. When Henry got there, the sergeant handed him a cup and told the officer to take Henry to the bathroom for a urine sample. He told Henry to put the sample in the cup, tighten the lid, rinse the container, and dry it with a paper towel. The sergeant shook the container, looked at the color strip, and told Henry, “You’re good.” On the way back to his cell, Henry asked the officer how many guys were they testing. “Just you,” the officer said.
So the parole interviewer must have noted his dilated pupil and recorded something like, “suspected drug use.” I’ll bet the results of that test never caught up with her comment. Its probably still in his file. That’s how things happen in prison.
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