Tom Henry Denied Parole Again

My life is full and I have largely left this website and blog unattended. To blame is a new business called Blue Diamond Orthopedic that manufactures and sells spinal orthopedic braces, an ongoing investment interest (stock picking) and, last but by no means least, the birth of a now-7-month-old boy. I apologize for my long absence, but I make no promises that my next blog will arrive after a shorter interval.

The Illinois Prisoner Review Board met on April 28 to once again consider Henry’s parole. In support was his sister and a high-school classmate of Henry’s, and opposing was a prosecutor. The board member who interviewed Henry in Menard made his presentation, which was surprisingly favorable to Henry, given his background as an Illinois prosecutor. He voted for Henry, as did two other members, but on May 12, 2016, Henry was once again denied parole. He was scheduled to be reviewed in a year, the shortest possible time interval between hearings.

Thank you all for your cares and prayers. They mean a lot to Henry.

3 thoughts on “Tom Henry Denied Parole Again”

  1. Thank you for the update and reminder to pray. May the Lord continue to use Henry.

  2. Hey David, at one time I had Henry birth date. My cousin and I read your book and we would like to send a card to Henry. Can you share hia birthday and contact information please?

    Thank you. Hope all is well for you!

    Pekin Il

    1. Hi Deborah! Tom Henry has two birthdays. The one I think you want is November 23, 1947. That’s his real birthday as Henry Hillenbrand. The birthday of his alias, Thomas Elliott, is January 16, 1950. Address the envelope to: Henry Hillenbrand, L40686, PO Box 1000, Menard, IL 62259. He’ll appreciate hearing from you!

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