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“… a book that will make you laugh, make you cry, make you sad and make you thankful. And, make you want to know more…” Read More

–Tom Seest

“This book is a definite page turner … the author pulls you in from page one and then leaves you begging for more when the book ends…” Read More

–Christine Gardner

“… The way Henry treated animals as a child is very disturbing … I was nearing the end of the book and disappointed that he hadn’t repented of that, but in the end he did.” Read More

–Peter Rule

“ … In the world of journalism, David Hendricks has hit a grand slam with his very first at bat.” Read More

-Michael Burton

“Couldn’t put it down….or at least, I couldn’t put it down after I picked myself off the floor after reading the prologue!” Read More

-Seamus Cullen

“ … I was blown away!” Read More


“ … Tom Henry is unrefined … as you read his heart-breaking story, you will grow to like and empathize with this talented but very-human man. Superbly written …” Read More

“ … I laughed, I cried, I got mad … with obstacle after obstacle I was dying to know how Tom Henry would get out of the jam he was in.” Read More

“ … fascinating and well-written. I enjoyed “meeting” Tom Henry.” Read More

-Shirley Morris

“Riveting Story! So many twists and turns, always leaving me wanting more.” Read More


“ … captivating, interesting, dramatic and emotional. Definitely worth a read …” Read More


“The book was great! I had a hard time reading it cause Patty was my sister.… I was really surprised how truthful it was. It brought back lots of bad memories of that dreadful day.” Read More


“ … A story of God’s grace.” Read More


“ … David, thanks for sharing your friendship with Tom Henry with us.” Read More

–Jean Thompson

“ … I was hooked by the end of the first chapter and read the entire book within 24 hours…. an inspiration story that proves God takes our biggest mistakes and manages to use them for good …” Read More


“ … a riveting story of two men, raised entirely differently, brought together by unfortunate circumstances, but in the end, good friends. It’s easy to read, hard to put down.” Read More


“A friend suggested I read this book since I enjoy true stories. I couldn’t wait to finish it … I have recommended it to my friends.” Read More


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9 thoughts on “Reviews”

  1. Tom Henry was a great read. You can really feel for these two men with all that’s happened in their lives. I would recommend it!

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed reading Tom Henry. It was a compelling read, coupled with the fact that I know Dave Hendricks. Can’t wait til his next book is ready, as I am a fan of his writing. Bravo Mr. Hendricks and good luck in your future writings. We’ll be waiting!

    1. Thank you, Robin, for this and also for your review on Amazon. I’m glad you enjoyed the book. A signed paperback is coming your way, but not until … well, you can read all about it in today’s blog. :-)

  3. Riveting story! So many facets, twists, and turns, always leaving me wanting to read more. I’m really looking forward to the 2nd book!

  4. Good read, I wish my father’s name had not been mentioned in this book. I did know Tom Elliott growing up and there are things my dad told me Tom said he had done that are not in your book. I know I would never have wanted to be alone with the man. I am glad to know that there was justice for you. I am happy you got your life back.

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