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Date: December 20, 2012

Conviction to write: David Hendricks authors somebody else’s story while reconciling his

By Ted Gregory

Chicago-area man whose conviction in family’s murder was overturned tells tale of killer who lived as a fugitive for more than a decade

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Date: October 13, 2012

Hendricks writes book to tell cellmate’s story

By Steve Vogel

If you’ve been around here long enough to have eaten at the Brittany, bought clothes at Pine’s or Marben’s, or cashed a check at American State Bank, you know the name David Hendricks. He’s the man convicted, then later acquitted, of killing his wife and three young children with an ax and a butcher knife in their east side Bloomington home in November of 1983.

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Date: September 13, 2012

David Hendricks to release first true crime book

By Stephanie Pawlowski

It’s been 21 years since David Hendricks was acquitted of murdering his wife and children in McLean County, and he’s back in Central Illinois finalizing work on his first book.

The book is called “Tom Henry: A True Story from Prison of Passion, Murder, Jailbreak, Salvation and Life on the Lam” and is due for release next month. It’s about Hendricks’ cell mate in Menard Correctional Center, Tom Hillenbrand.

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Date: September 09, 2012

Book from behind bars: Former cellmate writes of Hillenbrand’s ‘spiritual redemption’

By Steve Stout

A former Bloomington resident, convicted and acquitted of murdering his family, has written a book about the life and spiritual redemption of a Streator murderer he befriended while incarcerated.

David Hendricks, of Orlando, Fla., has started to promote his first book, “Tom Henry — Confession of a Killer,” in north central Illinois. The book is about the life of Henry C. Hillenbrand, a Streator man who shot and killed two people, George Evans, 22, and Patricia Pence, 20, in June 1970.

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Date: September 07, 2012

Now an author, Hendricks back after 29 years

By Bill Flick

He was only 29 in November 1983 when his name became a household name across mid-America, a man found guilty of killing his wife and three children with an ax in their east-side Bloomington home, sentenced to life in prison and then seven years later, after a second trial, acquitted and set free.

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Date: September 04,2012

Man once convicted of murder now telling a murderer’s story

By Phil Luciano

“Write what you know,” publishers say, and David Hendricks has done just that, in an eerie way.

Hendricks, convicted and acquitted of perhaps central Illinois’ most shocking mass murder, is here this week, putting finishing touches on a true-crime book.

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