Parole Hearing Results

Tom Henry’s en banc hearing was held in Springfield, IL on June 28. I don’t know the results. If you do, please advise. A letter from Tom Henry arrived yesterday.

He writes the PRB (Prisoner Review Board) member who interviewed him at Menard started with a glowing report. “… excellent prison record … valued worker … low risk assessment … highly qualified …” Discussion ensued. One member said he’ll never vote for parole because the escape shows Henry didn’t take responsibility for his actions. A vote was taken. There are 15 PRB members. Two seats are currently vacant and two members are on vacation, so eleven were present. When 10 had voted, it was 5 to 5. When the eleventh member voted for Tom Henry, a wave of excitement shot through his supporters – sister and husband, son and girlfriend. He got the majority of votes! What just happened? He just made parole!

Not so fast. A member spoke up saying that any PRB members not in attendance are marked as “no” votes, so parole was denied.

There is a lawyer who does pro-bono work who is looking into it. I hope I’m wrong, but I’m afraid they’re correct. The PRB website states: “Parole is granted upon receiving a vote of the majority of PRB Members assigned to the Board at the time.”

It’s crazy. Of the members in attendance, he got the majority. If the two on vacation would have split, he’d still have the majority. But he only got six of 13, the crazy way they figure it.

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  1. Henry, Brother you will make it! Keep your head up! “Can’t keep a man of God down!”

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